Recite it as it should be recited

Learn reading the Quran correctly

Now you can learn reading the Quran and the provisions of the correct intonation by listening to fluent readers remotely

help page site is simple and easy to handle, with few steps can be improve your reading
Al Maqraa is working 24-hour, Appointments renewed every week except Friday and Saturday

First, Register in Al Maqraa

  • 1- To open a new account click on register button located in top of the page.

  • 2- You will be redirected to the registration page as well, fill in the required data and then press the button to create a new account

  • 3- You will receive a message from the Al Maqraa to your email, by clicking on the activation link your account will activated.

Second, Book an appointment

  • 4- By pressing the button of programs at the top of page or pressing button located in booking an appointment to your Control Panel

  • 5- Select instructor that suits you (Men instructors- Women instructors).

  • 6- Will show you a list of instructors, press the button appointments available for review each instructor.

  • 7- Will show you a list of instructor available dates, Book appointment that suits you

Third recitation

  • 8- Make sure the date of appointment.

  • 9- Click on the chatroom icon to be able to wait until instructor connects to you across this room

    10- Ensure the connectivity of the Internet connection

    11- Please ensure that you allow browser to access you microphone.

    Important note ! : You have to stay at voice room page due to receive the call from the instructor, if not you can not receive any calls